Books about Denver's Improv Scene Now Available

Suggestion Please: Denver's Secret Improv Culture, written by Pam O'Mara and published by &THENPressTM is now available at as an ebook (download) for $8.99 and on 4G flash drive for $16.95 through THENPressTM ShopNOWSM Both formats include interviews with Denver's Best and Brightest Improv Performers, directions to for finding venues where improv is performed, and links and QR codes leading to more information about venues where you can find Denver's improv players. This book is perfect for anyone wanting to know about the Denver improv scene (which includes the Metro Denver, the Front Range, the Springs, and Boulder, really!). Makes a great gift for your favorite graduate, Dad, and anyone planning a trip to Colorado.

Price: $8.99 (download); $16.95 (on 4G flashdrive)        

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SoHa Happenings in ColoradoSM  of course! 
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