Monologue Mania Workshop || Sat, Dec 18

Monologue Mania Improv & Theater Workshop with Jon Jon Lannen: gain insight into the beauty of delivering powerful monologues. This workshop dives into dramatic, comedic, and other styles of monologues and provides intimate feedback. Your instructor, Jon Jon Lannen, a producer, director, touring author, actor, and teacher offers you insight into the world of theater and improv and about how different views of solo acting can lead to a powerful, moving stage presence. Wear comfy shoes and be ready to move.
When: Sat, Dec 18 · 12:00p - 2:00p
Where: 8310 South Valley Highway, Suite 300, Centennial, Colorado 80112 (Click here for a map!)
Cost: $50. Registration: Register soon - 15 person maximum. Questions? 347.635.5752 or

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