Playing to a Full House...

is exhilarating. That's what we did Wednesday night., 1/26 Ok, I admit it - I'm one of the Shocking Enchiladas, an improv group. And thanks to the audience at the Bovine Metropolis Theater, we were able to experience the thrill of performing for an audience that was having a great time and appreciated what we were doing.

It's exponential - the performers do a good job, the audience likes it; the performers do more of it, the audience loves it... and the performers find themselves breezing through their performance. Well, maybe that's a little too romantic, but the feeling and reality are very close to that.

You can experience that yourself as an audience member... 3 more performances of the Shocking Enchiladas: Wed, 2/2, 2/9, and 2/16. Call to get your tix: be part of the sellout crowd. $8 (303) 758-4722.

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