Evening Workshop :: Learn to Protect Your Creations

How to Protect Your Assets, Ideas, Systems and More  (BUSI 1096W01-80234)
When: Tue, 2/22/2011 @ 6-8p
Instructor: Pam O’Mara
Description: Intellectual property (IP) includes trademark and copyright protection as well as many everyday activities easily overlooked as protectable, such as ways of doing business that you’ve developed, slogans, customer lists, and the look of your place of business. Ignoring your IP means loss of income and could result in a business shutting down. Identify items that can and should be protected by a variety of IP protection methods, and suggests ways to protect IP such as by implementing trade secret schemes, documenting business confidential information in employee manuals, using non-disclosure agreements, training employees, and suing usurpers for unfair trade practices.
Where: ACC Littleton Campus
Fee: $49, $15 material fee to instructor
Registration: enroll online at REGISTER HERE
Questions? 303.797.5722 or 303.797.5608.

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