Chris Wiger :: Best Theater Marketing Maven - 2011

Chris Wiger, Marketing & PR Director for Lone Tree Art Center, is Denver's loss and SoHa's gain (as seen on
Photo by John Moore
"After fifteen years as publicity director (and, briefly, head of patron relations) at the Denver Center Theatre Company, Chris Wiger left in February for a spiffy job as director of marketing and public relations at the new Lone Tree Arts Center. We started missing things about him even before he left. His extraordinary efficiency, for example: Wiger responded to requests for seats, photographs and information in record time... His thoughtfulness: Get caught in a traffic jam, and you were likely to find Wiger standing in the middle of the lobby when you finally raced in, holding out your tickets; find yourself seated next to a loud drunk and he'd get you another seat, pronto....While we look forward to seeing him at Lone Tree, evenings at the Denver Center will never be the same."
See the complete story at: [2011 marketing maven]

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