SoHa Musician Randy Reeman on

(c) 2011 Randy Reeman 
Check out the SoHa Musician  Randy Reeman Show on Randy says, "Join me Monday night's at 8pm in the discussion of new frontiers pertaining to art, freedom and thought-science! Ride with me in the improvisational, live-theater-propulsion- labratory; wherein, we will release all tension and apprehension in the study of therapeutic possibility pondering musical art, love, piano pedagogy, vocal pedagogy, sports, fitness, food, nutrition, philosophy, inverse politics and floating catharsis. Ride with me along the super highways of liberated impulse! Let your latent, freak-flags fly into the sky like a kite with no string!"
When: Monday nights @ 8p

You saw it on SoHa Happenings in ColoradoSM eZine of course!               

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