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Let's hear it for true creativity! YaY!! "What in heck is she talking about?" I get that look far too often. The deer in the headlight, dazed look when I act or speak about creativity; when I'm being creative. I'm convinced that except for a few, our young ones have not acquired the ability to be genuinely creative. I grew up playing and inventing. We invented characters and put on shows. It was natural then; not now. Now the norm is nearly everything boxed. Let's get rid of boxed sets of "creative arts." Give kids and yourself - if you're older than 12 - blank paper and anything that will make a mark on it - pencil, crayon, paint, footprints, fruit. Regardless of the result, abstract or concrete, make a habit of it. If it's more your style, be physical - dance, jump, whirl around, improvise, interpret a character from a written page. Anything, just be creative. Do something creative every single day. Look and see; listen and hear. Make it a habit. You'll find something amazing - that life is more robust than you ever could have imagined! If you need a kick start, try a workshop: painting, sculpting, music appreciation, singing, guitar, flute, acting, improvisation, stand-up comedy. Start in your own home by reading Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit, Learn It and Use It for Life. Keep a journal - every day write what you saw, what you did, how you felt, and what it means to you. Dance around the house. Substitute creating your own characters for even just one TV show this evening. Invent creative positive fun solutions for the little things that bother you, and you'll have tools for coping when the big things come along. But more than that - just be creative and help others be truly creative, just because.

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