Becoming Van Gogh: a Must See!

Best Bet: Denver Art Museum's Becoming Van Gogh exhibit
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Denver Art Museum's Becoming Van Gogh exhibit this past Saturday, Oct 20 (true it opened to the public on Sunday, Oct 21 - members had the option of viewing the exhibit the day before the official opening). As have many, we'd seen pieces of his work exhibited in many different places, including the Van Gogh and Rik - and enjoyed every experience. But it had been years since those visits and seeing so much of his work in one place so close to home bolstered with explanation by the artist through years of his correspondence with his brother Theo; the comments of many who've studied the artist's life, and the audio presentation that laced together the exhibit's many pieces  was extraordinary. I enjoyed the morning presentation; a somewhat one-side who-can-get-a-word-in-edgewise conversation among Steven Naifen, co-author of Van Gogh the Life, and Becoming Van Gogh curators Louis van Tilborgh and Timothy Standring. Van Gogh the Life co-author Gregory White Smith was unavailable due to serious health issues. I even purchased the book right after the presentation, and did something I've never done before - stood in line to have it signed by all three. I'm considering visiting the exhibit again. 
What: Becoming Van Gogh
Where: Denver Art Museum
Duration: through January 20, 2012
Lecture Details:
Exhibit Details:

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