Douglas County CO Relocating 19th Century Cabin

Douglas County seeks permanent home for 19th Century cabin. A rare, remaining representation of Douglas County’s history – the 19th Century  Miksch-Helmer homestead cabin – is in need of a new permanent home and Douglas County seeks the public’s help. The owner of the property on which the cabin currently sits has asked for the County’s help as he can no longer serve as the building’s custodian. In an effort to preserve what is one of the remaining structures of this era in the Chatfield Valley, Douglas County is committed to relocate the structure. The County is carefully evaluating numerous sites and has identified desired locations, yet continues to seek public input.
“The landowner is working with us as he is passionately interested in ensuring that the cabin finds a new home, on a site that is compatible with the structure’s value to the County’s history and heritage,” said Judy Hammer, Douglas County’s Historic Preservation Board Administrator. “Historic preservationists throughout Douglas County appreciate the property owner’s willingness to be the cabin’s caretaker all these years, as well as his willingness to work with us as we try to find a permanent new home,” she said. Consistent with the cabin’s history, ideally the new location would be in the Roxborough or Chatfield Valley area.

Details: Judy Hammer at  303.660.7460

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