ACC Community Ed Workshops | February 2013

Well-kept Secret: ACC Community Ed  has an extensive writing program. Register now for writing classes starting in February.... Register here:
Questions303.797.5722 or 303.797.5608

Writing the Novel I Workshop... Chris Ransick, Instructor. Have you always dreamed of writing a novel or are just curious about exploring the novel form? Get coached in how to build narrative arc and develop a literary novel. Produce chapter charts, character sketches, and novel chapters, all of which are reviewed and discussed in class. 
When: Mondays Feb 11-May 13*, 2:30-5:15 p.m. |  *No class March 18.     
Where: ACC Littleton Campus
Cost:  $299, plus books
Course code: WRIT  2006W01-81130 
Get Published Now! Nuts and Bolts, Tricks and Tips... Renee Pawlish, Instructor. Learn from a best-selling author how to get published and make money. Discuss:
  •  Ebook Versus Paperback: Pros and cons of each format
  •  How to format an ebook for Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble
  •  Various print publishers (POD = print-on-demand, CreateSpace, other publishers)
  •  How to format a book for CreateSpace (Amazon)
  •  ISBNs, copyright issues
  •  What makes a great cover and find artists for book covers (ebook and paperback)
  •  Creating effective author website and/or blog so readers can find you
  •  How to Get Your Book Reviewed
  •  Learn about Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and more
  •  Audiobooks and books translated into other languages
  •  Use of Social Media
  •  The Big Three (and how to use them) Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Goodreads, YouTube, Amazon affiliate
When: Wed, Feb 6-27, 6:30-8:30 p.m.  
Where: ACC Littleton Campus |

Cost: $89Need to know to register: WRIT 2008W01-81100 |

ONLINE Courses...If you can't make it to class, try an online course, such as... Has Your Story Idea Got “Legs?”...Sue Viders, Instructor. A month long online class on a closed loop on developing your idea into a viable story. This class will collectively brainstorm all ideas, choosing the appropriate platform, and begin the organizational process so that at the end of the month, each writer willbe ready to start writing their “great American novel.” Topics to be covered include: expanding the idea by using the “what-if”; exercise, deciding the genre and theme and ending with how to; and start and use a “notebook” for the story. 
When: Feb 1-28
Where: What is it about "Online Class" that you don't understand?
Cost:  $100
Course code: WRIT 1016W01-80178
Yes, Virgina, you do need to register:
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