SoHa Journal Setting Up Spring 2013 Interviews

As promised, SoHa Journal is focusing on the artists, authors, musicians, performers, and the people supporting them in their creative projects and adventures. Creative folks, except maybe those here at SoHa Journal, are usually mostly focused on their art. Part of the SoHa Journal mission is to shed light on the artists that helps them develop and expand their audience. We call them SoHa  People of Interest. If you or anyone you know should and/or wants to be interviewed for SoHa, please contact us to learn more about the process and set up an interview: We use a very simple format for our interviews. Here's what we ask:

Seven Things SoHa  Journal Readers Want to Know about You:
[Very briefly answer the following]…

1.      Who are You, and what do you do?
a.      If you’re an individual artist: in what forms/formats do you work? Tell us about your favorite.
b.      Organization: what’s the purpose/goals/mission of your organization? What is your role in the organization? Tell us one or two of your success stories.
2.      What’s your history as an artist or with the organization…
a.      How have you evolved as an artist?
b.      How did you get to where you are today?
                                i.      As an artist
                              ii.      Arts administrator or
                            iii.      Arts/culture organization
3.      What’s the most important thing for SoHa Journal readers  to know about you and/or your organization?
4.      What advice can you offer aspiring artists?
5.      What are your (and/or your organization’s) plans for the near future, i.e. 2013
a.      Exhibits, performances, publications, et al.
b.      Expansion
6.      How should readers get in touch with you/your organization to learn more?
7.      Is there anything you’d like to add?
Thank You

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