Open Improv Thursday, 11/14 | Pots Tea Cafe

Time for another improv session.... We are the SoHa Colorado Improv Aficionados. "We love improv playing, improv acting, improv comedy, improv theater with different levels of improv skill and experience. We are everyday people who want to have fun and meet like-minded people. Some of us are writers, visual artists, musicians, and performers using improvised character and scene-building to enhance our creative juices. We're all ages (almost - 17+) and come from all backgrounds. We're all improv players!

There are no dues to be a member of SoHa Colorado Improv Aficionados, but since we pay for space, there is a cover charge for each improv session. The cover charge pays for space and one freshly made beverage or snack. Join us!"
When: Thursdays - 11/14, 11/21
WherePots Tea Cafe, Centennial. Centrally located just off C470 @ Quebec and County Line Rd. 
Membership Charge: No
Improv Play Session Charge: $15, covers meeting space and one freshly made beverage or snack by the Pots Tea Cafe Staff.
Good to Know: a minimum of 4 players at each session. The session coach has been doing improv since 1971, and was once recognized at Boston Logan Airport.
Registration required: |
SoHa Happenings sponsored in part by
Pots Tea
We Put the OY! in Improv!
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