Buntport Theater Gets Thumbs Up

Just in from writer, improviser, and roving SoHa reporter, Mollie C. Rue aka Ninja Gramma…

Submitted by: Mollie C. Rue aka Ninja Gramma (more on that later)... Review: We experienced Stories on Stage last night - terrific! Because, "Nothing is Trash", we heard, saw and felt a collection of "found" stories, some as small as a scrap  of paper discovered in a father's pocket, a lost pet poster, or a kid's passionate postcard. Later we were taken on a bumpy ride along with the dysfunctional communication between two lover's during their acrimonious break-up, finally ending in a court of law with one seeking - you guessed it - a Restraining Order! Mostly laugh-out-loud funny, but sometimes bittersweet, all were read and well-acted by the Buntport Theater Company in the perfect setting of a messy, trashed-up stage at the Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts Center.
Next: The next performance of Stories on Stage will be in early April featuring an eclectic selection of memoir pieces aptly titled,  Me, Myself, and I.
Details: www.storiesonstage.org.

Thanks, Mollie!!

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