Get to know the Artists... A SoHa artist is a visual artist, musician, actor, performer, writer who resides in, exhibits in, and/or works in SoHa Colorado. Stay tuned for more conversations with and performance clips from our SoHa Artists. 

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SoHa Artists, Performers, Musicians, Comedians, Improvisers, Writers... Here are just a few of our dozens and dozens of artists, authors, performers, and supporting cast. 

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  • Terri Barton Gregg. Funny lady aka comedian.
  • Lori Melena. 1/2 of Just Like You. Paints, writes, sings. Exhibits frequently in SoHa and Denver. Sings with Arapahoe Community College Choir. Performs folk music locally with her husband, Rudi.
  • Rudy Melena. The other 1/2 of Just Like You. Writes words and music, sings. Performs folk music and his own tunes locally with his wife, Lori.
  • Mary Clark. Painter.
  • Sheila Marie. Painter.
  • Bill Knowles. Photographer.
  • Laura Naomi. Painter.
  • Teri Hendrix. Painter.
  • Pam Roth O'Mara. Painter.
  • Alex Grant. Plays piano. Plays frequently in and around SoHa CO. 
  • David Barbour. Author, publisher.
  • Laurie Pierce. Sings, improvises, produces.
  • Loretta Davis, Jewelry Artist
  • Marji Adelstein. Sings with Cherry Creek Chorale
  • Scott Nowlin. Improvises.
  • JonJon Lannen. Writes, improvises, produces, instructs. 
  • The Stormcellars, Musicians
  • The Indulgers. Write original songs with an Irish backbone. Mike, Renee, Damien, Cheech and Aaron are often joined by Mike's son Ryan.

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